About Blue Vista Health Centre

Blue Vista Health Centre is a natural health clinic in the mid Blue Mountains, NSW. We offer chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, homeopathy and counselling.

The clinic was originally established by Alexander Taylor, a renowned chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath. Alex practiced in the Blue Mountains for over forty years before retiring at the end of 2020.

Dr Susan Jameson has now taken over and expanded the clinic, adding more practitioners and ensuring continued natural healthcare services for the community.

More Information

  • Workcover, Auto accidents
  • Dept Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)
  • Medicare Plans (GP referral)
  • Health Funds – with extras cover
  • Hicaps terminal for instant claims
  • Massage Therapy
  • Naturopathy
  • Counselling

Areas We Service

Blue Vista Health Centre is located in Bullaburra, in the mid mountains area of the Blue Mountains, NSW. Bullaburra is located between Lawson and Wentworth Falls. We see patients from the entire Blue Mountains, including Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath and Mount Victoria and beyond, to Lawson, Hazelbrook, Woodford, Faulconbridge, Springwood and the lower Blue Mountains.

The clinic is a short walk from Bullaburra train station.

Recent Blog Posts

Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling are abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in the body, most commonly in the extremities, ie: arms and legs. This is often caused by some type of abnormal pressure on a nerve, causing an interruption in nerve conduction. If the pressure is short term, normal sensation returns when the pressure is removed….

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Rib Pain

Rib Pain Rib pain is usually described as sharp, stabbing pain, and can be very intense. The pain is usually worse on inhalation, and also somewhat on exhalation. Because the ribs attach to the spine, rib pain can also be felt in the back, as well as the sides of the torso. In the front…

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint with many causes. Signs that you should seek treatment include:• Shoulder pain that persists beyond a few days• Shoulder pain that occurs at night or while resting• Inability to raise the arm• Difficulty carrying objects or using the arm• Swelling or significant bruising around the joint or arm•…

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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is extremely common, and usually caused by poor body mechanics, whether bending, lifting, sitting or standing incorrectly. In general we sit too much and exercise too little. Being overweight compounds the problem. When we lift it is often the wrong way and we do too much in one go. Let’s face it,…

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain Considering the stresses and strains the neck is subjected to every day, it is not surprising so many people suffer with neck pain. Generally speaking, chiropractic treatment is very effective for this condition. Some of the most common causes of neck pain have a postural foundation. Incorrect sitting posture for hours at a…

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Sciatic Nerve Pain The sciatic nerves are the largest, longest nerves in the body, extending from the low back and branching all the way down each leg to the toes. The sciatic nerve has its roots from the 3rd lumbar to the 3rd sacral vertebrae in the lower spine. Sciatic nerve pain, or sciatica, is…

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