Low Back Pain

Low back pain is extremely common, and usually caused by poor body mechanics, whether bending, lifting, sitting or standing incorrectly. In general we sit too much and exercise too little. Being overweight compounds the problem. When we lift it is often the wrong way and we do too much in one go. Let’s face it, we often abuse our backs. Most people do not even give their back a second thought until it starts to hurt.

The most common type of low back injuries are spinal joint and ligament injuries. If there is more damage, one or more of the discs between the vertebrae can herniate (disc bulge). The abundance of nerves around the spine cause significant pain when an injury occurs. Sometimes the pain extends down one leg (sciatica).

Once overstrain injury to the spinal joints and ligaments has occurred, the nerves signal pain, in turn causing the surrounding muscles go into a protective spasm to help to splint the injured area. Often the muscle spasm itself causes more severe pain and takes over the symptoms. That is why the injury often feels muscular in nature, when in fact the cause of the problem is the injured spinal joint or disc.

Most back injuries are caused by recurrent micro-trauma, where many small repetitive injuries occur, until the proverbial ‘final straw’. That is why people often hurt their back doing something trivial such as bending to tie a shoe lace, something they do every day.

The spine, although a strong and robust structure, needs to be maintained and looked after to ensure that it is not going to cause pain and discomfort. The spinal joints are prone to arthritic deterioration with aging, especially from repetitive stress and strain. This can cause chronic back pain, affecting your mobility and quality of life. It is worth looking after your back!

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